National prize competition

We can now officially boast 🙂
At the end of May our product PORK MEAT took 2nd place in the National Competition: "I like it! Experts recommend"
It's a special contest. Extremely accurate selection of product categories and the name of the event itself conceal enormous potential. Evaluation by a group of experts – recognized culinary masters and an experienced technologist, gives a guarantee that the acquired promotional mark will be used only products from the highest shelf. The organizers ensure that the awarded products will meet the expectations of even the most demanding buyers. And so we think - because only such wonderful customers we have ☺️

35 years we are already

At the beginning of June a nice surprise met the owners Wieslawa and Piotr 🥰
The crew of the Pole prepared a beautiful letter and the words that appear in it caused a tear in the eye...🥲
That is why the boss decided to share these beautiful words with you. It's been 35 years together!!!! Enjoy reading and have a wonderful day 😚🥲

Potential of digitalization in meat processing

Combining traditional recipes and production methods with the dynamic development of the company and the implementation of modern production processes is not easy. However, you succeed in doing so. So how are the Meat Processing Plants of the Pole coping with this challenge?

Article available here biegun_top-1024x535

Change of company name

I would like to inform you that on 13.12.2023 our company has transformed into a company:

Polygun Wędliny limited liability company