"Because in life the most important thing is good taste" This is our motto which we follow in the production of our cold cuts. ZPM POLE is a passion for creating products of the highest quality. Full commitment to the family tradition guarantees taste while taking care of all elements of the technological process. For 60 years they have been based on traditional recipes of our father Stanisław, which are refined with passion and taste by the current owners Wiesław and Piotr Biegun. It manages to reconcile traditional production methods with the highest standards, as evidenced by the annual awards and distinctions won at MTP POLAGRA in the category “Best Product in Consumer Assessment”. We always try to meet our customers. Of our products we especially want to recommend boiled white sausage, which in its composition has only meat and natural spices and chorizo sausage, which we talk about in the video below

Zamów nasze wędliny z dostawą do domulub zobacz sieć naszych sklepów firmowych w Wielkopolsce

Why choose us?

Family business

Love and passion

Flexibility in production

Our Top Products

White sausage, spicy chorizo, kabanosy with veal or Polish roast are our Topowe products that have stolen more than one palate.

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