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The Chef line is dedicated to people who appreciate the original taste and aroma and who attach importance to the highest quality products. For the production of our cold cuts, we carefully select the meat so that only the best quality gets on the table and can fully meet the expectations of our customers. Chef’s line of sausages recommends its sublime taste, deep aroma and unique quality, which will surely be appreciated by true gourmets.


Fit & Active is a proposal for everyone who cares about the line and leads a healthy, active lifestyle. Low fat in Fit products & Active, helps to maintain a slim figure for people on a diet, and high protein content, supports the process of building muscle, which is extremely important during any physical effort. Carefully developed and tailored to the needs of customers of the Fit line & Active. Anyone who leads a healthy and active lifestyle should try this unique line.


The products of the ProNatura line are an answer to the needs of increasingly socially conscious and demanding consumers. So, following the expectations of our customers, we decided to create a line of products based on natural, authentic, traditional ingredients. The unique and excellent quality of these products is the result of natural production methods WITHOUT the addition of polyphosphates, sodium glutamine and artificial dyes. The unique and original taste, as well as the healthy, natural properties of our products, meet the needs of all those looking for chemical-free cold cuts, which with their quality and naturalness will surely surprise even the most demanding palates.


Products in this series are created out of love for grandchildren. The owners decided to produce products of the highest quality for the most demanding consumers. The first products that were created in this series are Piotrusie sausages (the name is a diminutive of the name of the chef Piotr Pole). These sausages are available in two flavours: pork and poultry (without any added pork). To preserve the highest quality these cold cuts are packed in a small package of 5 pieces, in addition they are already peeled from foil so children can eat them directly from the package and parents have no problem with peeling ;)


Products from this series are the widest product group, where everyone will find something for themselves. Sausages, pates, horseradish, grilled sausages. All products are reasonably priced and available in different weights.

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