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The product series Pole FOR KIDS was born out of the love of the owners for their grandchildren. Mikołaj and Max are growing as their requirements for taste, smell and appearance. Every parent knows how hard it is to find quality products that their children would like. Usually what's healthier doesn't taste good to our kids. That's why we've been testing, testing, until our Peter was born. These sausages are loved by our grandchildren, friends’ children or family. And why do we think this product is worth your attention? We will try our best to encourage you to do what is good.Piotrusie is extremely tasty sausages for children. We’ve prepared them to make sure your kids are eating only safe and proven foods, so they don’t contain sodium glutamate, artificial colours or phosphates. They are rich in protein and other valuable components, necessary for the proper development of the child.






Sausages are 94% meat. They do not contain MOM only selected meat of the highest quality. It is worth remembering that meat is a source of full-fledged protein and low-saturated fatty acids. All cured meats are also an important dietary source of iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin BWe do not add artificial colours to our Piotrusi, i.e. they owe their colour only to the natural colour contained in the meat and its transformations under the influence of the addition of brine salt and thermal peelingPhosphorus itself is considered harmless. The problem is that they are common in many types of food. A large intake of phosphorus can limit the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract, and the child needs calcium for normal development, which is a component of bones, provides hardness of teeth, affects the normal work of the heart. So, it is worth choosing such food products, in the composition of which we will not find phosphates.

Why choose Peter?

Created out of love for grandchildren

Continuously subjected to quality control

Small package perfect for children


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